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Complete the application below to nominate a student athlete for the Scholarships for Champions program.

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Nominee Information

The student athlete must demonstrate high scholastic achievement. (For example, a 3.0 on a 4.0 GPA scale or a "B" average, etc.)

(Please convert to a 4.0 scale if a different scale is used.)
Please provide a detailed account of nominee’s athletic involvement. (Sports played, honors, etc.)
Please describe how the nominee has displayed leadership skills in the classroom, in athletics or in the community.
Please describe how the nominee has demonstrated integrity both on and off the field/court.
Please provide an account of the nominee’s community involvement.
In 200 words or less, please share any compelling stories about the athlete. (For example, a nominee may have overcome a personal challenge, persevered through the rigors of high school athletics, overcome the challenges of an economically disadvantaged area or be a first-generation college-bound student, etc.)

Thank you!

Thank you for submitting your nomination. Winners will be announced in the spring of 2024.